How To Play Over Under Sportsbook

Betting by playing in Over Under (o / u) on the ball is a fairly popular betting variation and requires us to choose between 2 betting options only. quite easy and many are realized by bettors as superior bets.

In this bet, no matter which team wins or is defeated, what matters is the number of goals scored in the race whether more or less than the specified betting market. if you choose more (more) means that to win the number of goals that are required to exceed the betting market. and vice versa.

Many players of this type usually combine their bets with other bets. for example, mix a parlay. the other makes it the second bet after placing a bet on the team being dammed. For example: if I put up a winning team, I would normally put it down, because I’m happier with the goal race.

On this occasion, of course Betberry’s trusted gambling agent will share a little of my knowledge about the Over Under playing system at online soccer gambling agents. hopefully can inspire beginner bettors at the beginning of playing online soccer gambling.

Guide to Playing Under The Under

Guide to Playing Under The Under

The picture above shows the over-under table on the soccer gambling website. for the market playing in Over Under itself represented by the blue number to the left of the red square. and what’s in the red box containing the Kei or Odds betting market. and for the letter O below U, the definition of Over and Under.

  • 1.0 is worth 1 ball
  • 1-1.5 is worth 1 1/4 ball
  • 1-50 is worth 1 1/2 balls
  • 1.5-2 is worth 1 3/4 ball

for the list on the left that says HDP, A1x2 itself will be proven by me in the next article.

below this I will signify the system installs and the system calculates and plays this game.

Example 1

The race between Real Madrid vs Chealse will take place at midnight. The betting market for over / under bidders is 2-2.5. You place the ball above with kei 1.25. The race is over with 2-1 points so you have the right to win half of your betting points. Suppose you enter 100, you only win 50 thousand. if the points are after a 1-1 draw, then you will only lose half of the bet points.

Example 2

the race between Barcelona vs Espanyol with the 2.5-3 betting market. if the race is over with points 3-1, over right has the right to win in full. if 2-1 you still win, but counted to half because the exchange point is 2 3/4 balls. such is also the opposite if you can put it under you because you also lose half.

Method of calculating Kei / Odds

Kei / Odds can also be termed tax. but not tax in the true sense. because here not only can reduce our income but also can increase. If you look back at the table above, there are numbers written in red and black. for red means your betting points will increase if you are defeated even though the black one applies vice versa.

Example above: You are entered in the Madrid vs Chealse race with Kei 1.25. You install 100 thousand with the final result 2-1. therefore you have the right to win perfectly 125 thousand wins (betting points multiplied by kei points).

How do you based, it is very easy not to play in Over Under. to further dominate the over playing system, please contact our customer service via Livechat, Whatsapp, Line, BBM and Wechat. Our officers will help you right away if you hope to ask for something quiet from Betberry online gambling. We also open a registration to join us with bonuses for new members.

The Best Strategy for Playing Online Sportsbook

The Best Strategy for Playing Online Sportsbook

The Best Strategy for Playing Online Football Bets, the most accurate and accurate site in Indonesia, which is certainly in an Online Soccer Betting game where the time before you bettor online, you will all play place betting, of course, have to look first, of course, at some soccer matches. ball that takes place on the day at first and beyond that you also should be able to make some ball predictions of course the benefits to help yourself when you are going to do online soccer betting,


It is so necessary for you to do if you want to do online betting  of course with you who do it so it can be optimistic that the opportunity to be able to choose the football team that you prioritize can be won as well, you will have steps closer to victory.


Did you know that in each soccer match that has been so popular and so known by some people there are lots of rules and regulations? Maybe only some of you already know, so in this place we will certainly explain some information about football matches, betting games that certainly entrust a ball predictions to match the place of betting online.


Of course, one match played by two teams


Football where in two teams there are only about 11 people in each team, and of the eleven people the work consists of being different, namely four people who are made to be central players, four people who are made to become defenders, two people who are in to be an attacker and the last one to be a goalkeeper.


Have you or have you often played in the most accurate and accurate gambling betting in Indonesia and in playing football betting do you keep losing or even losing frequently? Of course it is often all your colleagues and if you want all of you to understand why things like that often run to you because because of the time you will do the fixing on your soccer bet at first do not do an assessment in which the assessment is done by predicting the ball and also do not pay attention to the results of the score of the ball running on the soccer team that you are betting on. And we also suggest for you the best gambling site in indonesia


In a soccer game there is a meaning that is used in betting which is the game of Odds or commonly known in the game in several Asian countries with 1 × 2 game, then in the Odds game there are three choices namely as follows


  • Home
  • Draw
  • Away


Note: The time when you will choose between the two options above is when you have confidence in working on the installation that will win is Home so you certainly choose the Home option, if if you believe the winner will be Away, then choose the number choice 2 and medium if if you are not sure the meaningful results of the ball score will be Draw so choose X.


Learn to Know the Most accurate Online Soccer Betting Market Types


Online Soccer Betting – As explained above just where the betting type of the game is to select Odds type, so outside of that there are betting types that are in the online soccer betting game that is Over / Under, see the results of all Goals or Scores a ball that runs in a soccer match where the time is 2 × 45 minutes.


If for all meaningful goals have passed the value of the match that has been determined for example in Over 2.5 which is the same as the overall goal can be more than three goals which means if you win the ball bet that is the ball score or the overall goal is more than three a goal, while for Under 2.5, the overall goal is no less than three goals, so that you will win the online soccer bet.


For the Next Goal type, which means who is the player who made the goal either Home or there is no goal so that the goal value will be the same as the Correct Score which is active at the time, meaningful that if the ball score results for an instant that is 2-2 so that the Odds value is No Gol on Next Gol because it has similarities with Odds 2-2.


Well you can explain if you have to be able to pay attention and pay attention to doing a prediction of the ball you are going to do, remember to still see the story of the soccer matches that are running on the soccer team that you will bet on.

Learn Also How To Win A 100 % Parlay


Winning Winning And Gaining Advantages of Gambling Online Soccer Gambling

Of course, with what the admin has explained and gave this to all of you, of course, for those who are on this online site, it means that you really can get to the hammer that you have never gotten at first either in any online soccer gambling agent site. at first, but after you who might accidentally enter this site so it is not a problem of course because in this place for you some online bettor mania who want to do soccer betting can be handled so easily.


The Best Strategy for Playing Online Sportsbook

Besides that you can also get a lot of conveniences in the chances of success in winning that you can achieve only on the most popular and most trusted sites in Indonesia, which of course you can make a benchmark by feeling the difference on this site with the site Any online gambling agent, and therefore for those of you who want or want to place a soccer bet so you should first determine which type of football betting market you are going to make into your speculation.


like the admin just explained if you can get a lot of convenience in doing online soccer betting so please show yourself the truth of this admin’s pronunciation in this place because everything is based on the evidence available so in other words the admin is not making it up because it’s 100% Real It has been proven successful for some members who have entered the best and most trusted sites in Indonesia, so have come to this opportunity meeting and please register as soon as you are and then bring your profits home.

Get a Valid Free Sports Bet Online

Get a Valid Free Sports Bet Online

Before we can have a deeper dialogue on how you can receive online sports betting, it may be a good inspiration to familiarize yourself with the idea of what it is ‘ sports betting ‘, in the first area. It will be efficacious for those who may come as a term for the first time.

And apparently, sports betting is simply a bet placed for or Pit a particular sporting race. If, for example, two boxers will be instantaneously pitted, you can decide to wager A boxing Pit that wins the battle, your friend Adviesraad puts A bet for the boxer who wins the fight. The control, in the simplest terms, is liquid that if boxer A loses the fight, you give your best friend some money, say $100-and conversely, if A boxer wins the fight, your friend gives you money, Most likely similar to $100.

Almost all sporting events can be contested. There are people who bet the football Pit, horse racing, boxing, and even tennis and Golf results. Naturally, easier exercise is more liked than others, because it deserves to place a bet. People as horse racing, boxing and football, Dhanakya-Dhanakya popular among betting enthusiasts.

So with this background info, we can go back to our talks around the method of accepting free sports betting.

Of course, the inspiration to receive free sports betting sounds somewhat contrary to intuition, because bets must be about money; So that when someone chats about free sports betting, you may find yourself wondering what they actually discussed.

In order to get the free sports betting, you need an insight into the work method of sports betting online.

Online sports betting works with almost the same method as traditional sports betting; Save the fact that the betting happens in online. The person who participated in this online sports betting will be able to apply to the page where the bet is executed, raise the account there, deposit the money they would use to make a bet there, and then proceed to Apply the money to the bet. In making this site easier, the majority actually, the number of bets is standardized; So for $5, you can ‘ buy ‘ bets, with which you can determine what will bet. Bets now become Effisien, with the standard for that.

So, when someone tells you they can give you free sports betting, they mean that they will load your online betting account with money that can purchase a standardized bet of such thing.

We talk about it as ‘ official ‘ free sports betting when betting with which you are Dhanakya-Dhanakya can win concrete money instead of ‘ demo ‘ bets.

And a method to receive one free liquid sports betting by searching in for any sports betting page that may offer free sports betting (perhaps as a tactic to attract new members or as a tactic To maintain a loyal member), and then proceed to register longer to receive free bets. Some large pages of this page will have a ‘ free sports betting code, ‘ which you dng when registering (for those aiming to attract new members) or when you load money into your betting account (for those aiming to Retain faithful members.) DPFN Enter the code, you find the BET account loaded, or add, enough extra money for you to buy sports betting. As such, you will find free sports betting.

How To Win a 100% parlay

How To Win a 100% parlay

Online games in the world of football are not the most recent thing for players. But there are different types, like talking games, which can offer many benefits over and over.

For those who want to win the game, of course there is the desire of all players. But do you have the right way to do it?

In addition, bets placed in large numbers do not exclude the possibility of losing. For this, we will give you a few tips to win easily.

  1. Have lots of balls on Parlay in the capital
    The first thing to do is to have more funds to buy credit. To overcome this problem, you can transfer money to a Parlay account from a game agent.
    If members want to play this type of game by chance like Parlay, they can charge at least 100,000 IDR. But this time, there is a special promotion that is capable of playing with a capital of 25,000 rupiah.
    With this cost, of course you can reach all relatively inexpensive players. Because not everyone wants to fill a credit with a predetermined amount.
  2. The adult mind places the Budget Budget Betting Parlay Budget
    The second is the most important thing, members must know the credit limit for placing bets. If you have more credit, then of course you can install more than minimal.
    Before placing bets, suggest members to think carefully and don’t hesitate. You also have to know the limits by knowing when to stop playing.
    Especially after winning a lot of wins, or vice versa. If you still experience defeat, you are advised not to continue.
    Members must also be able to control their finances while playing the game by observing your chances of predicting the game randomly. While if you win, it will certainly be a big advantage.
  3. Don’t rely on the parlay gambling market
    The third thing is for members not to just follow the game market. Because victory is not necessarily in the hands.
    How To Win a 100% parlay_3
    Because the current game depends on instinct and luck. If you don’t have these two things, it is recommended to follow the game world later.
    Don’t rely too much on a team that has a small chance to win easily. But that does not exclude the possibility that members suffer defeat.
    You will definitely be able to easily win if you follow a mixture of parlay soccer games that we have explained to you throughout this stage.
  4. Of course, with the selected Mix Parlay package
    The last thing is to have a lot of confidence in the expected package choices that will give you many benefits.
    For example, in a Real Madrid vs Barcelona match, if you already have Barcelona, ​​you can play with the 1 × 2 bet type.
    Conversely, if Real Madrid can only play with a draw or lean, it is advisable to choose the type of bet using the vooran system.How To Win a 100% parlay_3

Members must also be smart in choosing the highest opportunity or commonly known as those who will surely win. Don’t forget to follow the rules of the game on the Parlay ball so you don’t play wrong. Discover more information about wager in agent sbobet visit here.

basic tutorial for football betting online

Basic Tutorial For Football Betting Online

The basics of soccer betting are not difficult. In terms of offering defects in the market, such as in a match at Chelsea, West Brom, your service provider will offer permanent disability.Which is based on possible defects in

Chelsea’s style ¼, 4/6 points, West Brom 6/1 etc. From here, how do we read the game? What you get is Chelsea, a team that supports many people, will win this match.

Because service providers put them at the lowest point (Basically there is a low risk) So now you have the option to bet on football at a price of 10 pounds in hand. You can bet on Chelsea. Which will give you a profit of £ 2.50 (plus bets) or a lighter side bet is West Brom, in this case if West Brom wins, you will get 60 pounds(Plus betting money). This is the pleasure of soccer betting. You will bet on the side that has the advantage.

Or try to take the risk to the side that must be energized? This is the best of the basics of soccer betting. Starting football betting with the knowledge of reading handicaps is important.See the example above. Returning to Chelsea means the results are a little risky.
But if you choose to take the risk, bet more on your opponent and ultimately lose your bet. Is this better than nothing?

However To develop your own soccer betting experience, it’s good to explore the tattoo match market. When you find the match you want to bet you will see general options, click to bet And there you will see the value of excitement from gambling opportunities This is a place where amateur gamblers will step as professionals. As you will see markets such as first goalscorer, final scorer, winning difference, correct score, Scorecast (first point plus all points), Over / Under Goals You can bet that the points will be higher or lower than total number of points. Usually 2.5) Draw No Bet (that is, you will get your bet back if the result is always a draw), Total Corner, Asian Handicap and more Depending on the service provider you choose to use. And there are times when service providers offer promotions, refunds on certain matches, scorers, Exact Scores, and Achievements.

Vocabulary in the betting industry

  • Money line (ML) means the price of 1-2 (home win, draw or away win)
  • Asian Handicap means betting on odds per ball is betting points
  • By adding a handicap to the secondary team after the end of the match (90 minutes)
  • MAIN CORRECTION means guessing the results of the match as a score, for example 10, 2 0 etc.
  • Without Purpose means aimlessness
  • Out right means the prediction of the winner of the match
  • Top scorer tournament means score
  • Single bets means betting on one ball
  • Mix Parlay or Accumulator means step or ball
  • First goal or FG. Refer to the team that the first goal of the game
  • The first goal scorer means for the players. First goal
  • First Target score means betting to identify the first goal and score the competition simultaneously.
  • Last destination or LG. Refers to the team that scored the last goal of the match
  • English (w) = w means woman or female team
  • First Corner means the team that kicks the first corner of the match.
  • Direct means betting during a match. (in running)
  • FT. means full time (90 minutes of injury time)
  • HH means first half. The home team will finish the match. The host wins
  • HD means first half. Home team series
  • HA means the first round. Game Away wins
  • DH means. The first round is always a home win
  • DD refers to the first half of the game always
  • DA represents the first half of the match, the visitors win
  • AH represents the first visitors to take home the match
  • AD refers to the first team. Always visit to finish the game.
  • AA means the visitors’ first half, which leads to the end of the match. Yes the team wins
  • N or Neutral means the middle field
  • Q or Qaulify means the team has fulfilled the requirements
  • U19 means the team is not 19 years or older
  • U21 means age team Not more than 21 years old
  • Match F or Final means the final match
  • P or Penaltly means penalties
  • o / u or more / below means high / low (total points on both sides)
  • o / u Or over / under means odd / even (the number on both sides is equal or odd)
  • HT.1 means ending the first half, leading the host
  • HT.x means ending the first round, always
  • Always means there is no bargaining DEA. If the team wins, it means one or more full

if the team binds. Lose Half of the bet If you lose half full, the ball means if the team wins
Get full, if you always lose full price If you lose half full, then if the team continues to win 1 ball in two,
if more than 1 ball is full – per 1 ball means if the team wins 1 ball together, if they win 2 or more, the ball
full means if the team continues to win 1 goal, half lose, if you win 2 full balls –
half means that if the team wins 1 full series, if it wins 2 full balls – the second half means
if the team wins 1 if it’s full, you can get 2 children where you win with 3 or more full
– I mean, if two teams win a match or win 2 out of 3 or more completely out there.

Gambling Online Game is a popular activity for Indonesian People.

Especially those who like football as original capital Besides watching the competition can play at Gambling also makes the game more fun. The game of football today is not difficult to find.

Through cable TV which is broadcast live Both matches in England, Germany, Spain and Italy, who generally compete on weekends. And will start the game early in the evening.

The step to bet on the ball is If the pair is late in the betting session There is still a late match, waiting for another reason. Which depends on the month and the speed of each team player How to make a bet Or lose money that night

A Beginner’s Guide to Football Betting

A Beginner's Guide to Football Betting

While football is recognized as the most popular team sport on the planet, attracting viewers of billions of glass screens to its main events, relatively few football fans take the opportunity to test their football skills by participating in soccer betting.

For many football fans, being a support is a matter of pushing one club for life, but soccer betting allows you to add excitement to neutral matches by pushing the club you are the strongest at. And if your team is not in good standing, placing bets on your opponent can provide a bit of comfort when your team is knocked out.

Online betting is one of the best methods for getting involved in soccer betting. A large number of online sportsbooks offer various types of soccer bets from the world’s top leagues, throughout the year. Again, online accounts can be created in minutes, giving you an instant entry into the soccer betting market.

Here are some of the most popular alternative football betting:

Match bets – fight bets are the simplest type of soccer bet. This involves betting on the results of the match, with each result valued at certain odds. You can bet on teams or draws. Normally the bet slip will carry the name of one team under \\ ‘away \\’ and the other under \\ ‘home \\’.

When carrying out bets, you can also vote on handicap bets which basically give one team a one-goal profit or loss before the game starts. You then bet on the fair result with normal match bets.

Value of betting – betting points prove a variety of alternative bets. The most simple is to predict the end points of a match, and tend to bring a very high chance.

Another popular alternative point bet involves betting on who will score. These bets have high chances and come in several types including: first goalscorer, last goalscorer and scorer at any time.

Special bets – each soccer match will carry a variety of additional betting opportunities, with each online bet offering their own special game. Kans literally every aspect of the game attracts chances, starting from the number of corners in the game, to players who will be injured. This bet often brings some of the highest chances.

Tournament bets – if you are a big bettor you will enjoy tournament bets. bets range from choosing groups and champions, choosing tournament champions and predicting the number of goals the team will score in the competition. Your tournament betting limit is only determined by the bet holder’s imagination!

We hope that a brief introduction to the basics of soccer betting is useful. With some great soccer tournaments including the African Cup, FA Cup and Champions League being played this year, you won’t find a lack of chance to practice your new soccer betting skills!