How To Play Over Under Sportsbook

Betting by playing in Over Under (o / u) on the ball is a fairly popular betting variation and requires us to choose between 2 betting options only. quite easy and many are realized by bettors as superior bets.

In this bet, no matter which team wins or is defeated, what matters is the number of goals scored in the race whether more or less than the specified betting market. if you choose more (more) means that to win the number of goals that are required to exceed the betting market. and vice versa.

Many players of this type usually combine their bets with other bets. for example, mix a parlay. the other makes it the second bet after placing a bet on the team being dammed. For example: if I put up a winning team, I would normally put it down, because I’m happier with the goal race.

On this occasion, of course Betberry’s trusted gambling agent will share a little of my knowledge about the Over Under playing system at online soccer gambling agents. hopefully can inspire beginner bettors at the beginning of playing online soccer gambling.

Guide to Playing Under The Under

Guide to Playing Under The Under

The picture above shows the over-under table on the soccer gambling website. for the market playing in Over Under itself represented by the blue number to the left of the red square. and what’s in the red box containing the Kei or Odds betting market. and for the letter O below U, the definition of Over and Under.

  • 1.0 is worth 1 ball
  • 1-1.5 is worth 1 1/4 ball
  • 1-50 is worth 1 1/2 balls
  • 1.5-2 is worth 1 3/4 ball

for the list on the left that says HDP, A1x2 itself will be proven by me in the next article.

below this I will signify the system installs and the system calculates and plays this game.

Example 1

The race between Real Madrid vs Chealse will take place at midnight. The betting market for over / under bidders is 2-2.5. You place the ball above with kei 1.25. The race is over with 2-1 points so you have the right to win half of your betting points. Suppose you enter 100, you only win 50 thousand. if the points are after a 1-1 draw, then you will only lose half of the bet points.

Example 2

the race between Barcelona vs Espanyol with the 2.5-3 betting market. if the race is over with points 3-1, over right has the right to win in full. if 2-1 you still win, but counted to half because the exchange point is 2 3/4 balls. such is also the opposite if you can put it under you because you also lose half.

Method of calculating Kei / Odds

Kei / Odds can also be termed tax. but not tax in the true sense. because here not only can reduce our income but also can increase. If you look back at the table above, there are numbers written in red and black. for red means your betting points will increase if you are defeated even though the black one applies vice versa.

Example above: You are entered in the Madrid vs Chealse race with Kei 1.25. You install 100 thousand with the final result 2-1. therefore you have the right to win perfectly 125 thousand wins (betting points multiplied by kei points).

How do you based, it is very easy not to play in Over Under. to further dominate the over playing system, please contact our customer service via Livechat, Whatsapp, Line, BBM and Wechat. Our officers will help you right away if you hope to ask for something quiet from Betberry online gambling. We also open a registration to join us with bonuses for new members.